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Each day we are inundated with information from blogs, radio, television, mail, magazines, newspapers, solicitations, cold calls, and the Internet. Even our co-workers, neighbors, and relatives contribute to the flow of ideas. At best, this information offers tidbits of advice that can help you make decisions, but more often than not, the information is contradictory and changes from one moment to the next.

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Managing this information has become quite difficult, if not impossible, in today's society. At some point, we realize we simply don't have enough time for our professions, families, social responsibilities, and investment management. That's where Braun Wealth Management Group, LLC can help. We offer not only the personal experience of the financial consultants at Braun Wealth Management Group, LLC and staff, but also the technology and tradition of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network. With our understanding of the investment business, and using today's technology, we can offer you proficient support and service creating portfolios tailored to your own personal goals and aspirations.