Our Philosophy



At Braun Wealth Management Group, LLC, we adhere to what is known as a "top-down approach" for our investment recommendations.  This philosophy starts with our belief that the correct allocation for one's assets for each period of an economic cycle will determine approximately 80% of the reward.  Once the allocation is established, we begin to recommend bonds and/or stocks for your specific portfolio.

In the case of private portfolio management, we suggest strategic or outside managers suited to your objectives, risk tolerance, and investment timeframe.  Expectations go hand-in-hand with risk and reward.  If we know what your goals are, we can better develop proper allocation strategies for helping you achieve them.

As your financial advisors, we will begin our relationship by helping you develop an objective for the investment of your assets.  We start by obtaining a clear picture of your personal and financial goals and how they work together.

During this process we will ascertain your requirements for growth versus income and any issues that may affect your needs (time restrictions, prohibited investments, or other criteria).  Once we fully understand your objectives, then we begin making specific suggestions to help you along on your journey.

Ongoing service includes monthly statements, quarterly allocation and performance summaries, meetings aligned to clients personal schedule, contact as needed and online access to portfolios to help monitor portfolio statistics.