Charity Dishong

Charity Dishong

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 260-637-6000; toll free 1-888-259-9175

Charity is currently in her seventh year at Braun Wealth Management Group and continues to learn and growth within the practice. She appreciates that her career enables the ability to make long-term client relationships that continue to grow over time. From her college internship in the financial services industry, she developed an interest in wealth management and client services. She maintains a persistent and detailed nature and continues to bring Braun Wealth Management Group excellent service skills and expertise in administration.

Charity is a graduate of Lakeland High School with expanded studies in Design and Horticulture at the Elkhart Area Career Center. She has been a member of the Dean’s list while in attendance at Harrison College and graduated with an Associate’s Degree as an Administrative Professional. Charity has also attained her state insurance license.

Beside work, Charity enjoys reading, spending time outside, and catching up with friends.